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Studio Update March 2017

Hello Everyone!

Here is the latest from development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon. I want to share that everything is going great from an internal testing standpoint. We are testing out the systems of the game to make sure things are running as intended. We are testing the AI to make sure that each company is making decisions independently and according to the logic we designed. As you might expect, this is a daunting task. As a result, updates have been scarce and will continue to be for a bit as we need to maintain 100% of our focus on this task. So please understand that silence from us at this time means we have consolidated our energy on the task of rigorously testing, adjusting, fine tuning and finishing the game.

Right now, we have final assets to put into the game which will e...

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Tech Executive Tycoon

Please stay tuned to for the latest updates to the game Tech Executive Tycoon. Read up on our development of the game over the past few years!

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Monday Update #7 for Tech Executive Tycoon


Hello everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great start to this new week. Here is our 7th Monday update and I am very happy to say that we are moving at a very good pace toward the release date. This past week was intense with a lot of programming and designing/planning. In the end I have finally put in the product creation process from product design to product manufacturing and shipping. All that is left to do in this regard is to add the other products in and then all the product related functionality will be entirely in the game. This is a huge milestone for the game and it is paving the way for the final stretches of development. As before, I want to be as transparent as possible about where I am and what I am doing week by week on the game. In that regard, the biggest aspects of the game that I have left to tackle is of course the AI, more game assets, UI/HUD design and other game-play aspects in the game. It is going to be an intensive final stretch, hopefully free of any setbacks and hiccups. I’m very excited and can’t wait until I can show you more game-play. Now let’s get to this week’s plans.

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Post alpha phase gameplay

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