Employees are the foundation

Employees are the foundation


What is most important to you when playing video games? For me it is about getting lost in the game and being placed in the shoes of someone or something that you may or may not be in real life. The ability to escape into another world and get involved in other issues
besides the ones you wake up to everyday. Gaming is an avenue that allows such experiences to happen on a deeper level than any other entertainment medium. Tech Industry Tycoon is our effort to produce a very immersive experience that will make you come back for more. Today I want to talk to you about the way we will handle employees in this game.

 Tech Industry Tycoon will reward (or punish) you for managing your company your own way. The idea is to create a realistic simulation that gives you feedback and reaction to your actions and decisions.

Everything you do will matter in some way or another. Your ultimate goal is to eventually reach the top of the tech industry food chain, but what will be most entertaining is the road you travel to get there. In the real world being a boss is a challenging task, Hiring “good” employees and making key decisions that can make or break your company is par for the course. In this game, the same pressures are awaiting you. Will you hire employees that have tardy issues, bad communication skills or worse? Maybe you will hire the employees that are always on time, giving great attention to detail, and always going small images for website 02above and beyond. The choice may seem easy, but have you ever heard of a prospecting employee ranting on about their tardy tendencies? Hiring good employees won’t be challenging to the detriment of fun, but you will need to consider salaries, bonuses, relocations and benefits. There will be more to this than you might initially think. Hiring good employees is essential and necessary, yet not quite easy.

Let’s take a look at the hiring process. Before I begin, please be aware that we are in “early” development stages and things are likely to be fine-tuned, changed and improved going forward. Now for each department, you will have management and then the employees who work the front lines. Some examples include the engineering and production departments, to name a few. You will need your lead engineer who will not necessarily be the best at “engineering” but he is the best at organizing his/her team. This employee will have attributes aimed at improving his team’s skills and abilities as well as making the departmental “attributes” improve as a result. In order to properly understand the inner workings of each department manager, you must first know that employees have skills that enhance what they do individually, and then those same skills go into how effective the department is as a whole when compiled with the entire team. The manager or leader of the department is responsible for enhancing those attributes by enhancing each employee through “leadership”. There will be much more information to come as we continue to flesh out more details.

Hiring for the wide variety and types of positions will keep you busy and on your toes. Is your production manager efficient and reliable? What about your lead researcher, is she innovative and progressive in her research methods? This will have a tendency to trickle down to her team of researchers. You will have to monitor these things and more on your way to success. Hiring the best combination of talent is a work of art, and you will get your opportunity to put your skills to the test.

I won’t give too much away now, because we’re so early in development, but the idea is to create a simulation that is very rewarding. Given the fact that you will make many decisions, you will find that the culmination of those decisions when positive will bring a smile to your face. Thanks for your time and stay tuned for more updates in the future.

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  • Brenda  says:

    It remember me a Real Situation here in my country !! I was hired by the Chief in charge of Production, reallly was the vicepresident of an International Co. ,,, I did learn a lot with him, he was finishing his 3 year Business Plan, and explaining me some tips I will might know to do the Harvard Graphics, the Highlights, that person was who General Manager in Human Resourses?? did tell us how to graphic…. love bren

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