Studio Update March 2017

Hello Everyone!

Here is the latest from development of the game Tech Executive Tycoon. I want to share that everything is going great from an internal testing standpoint. We are testing out the systems of the game to make sure things are running as intended. We are testing the AI to make sure that each company is making decisions independently and according to the logic we designed. As you might expect, this is a daunting task. As a result, updates have been scarce and will continue to be for a bit as we need to maintain 100% of our focus on this task. So please understand that silence from us at this time means we have consolidated our energy on the task of rigorously testing, adjusting, fine tuning and finishing the game.

Right now, we have final assets to put into the game which will eventually be finalized. We are also adjusting, making additions and subtractions as we deem necessary. Now, there is no current timetable for the next phase as we need to make sure we get everything right and organized for that testing phase. This will possibly include a new website designed for reporting bugs and a few other administrative things to streamline this process, both within and outside of the game.

We can’t wait to get the feedback and thoughts from all of you that will be testing the game. As always, thank you for your patience, and we hope to share all new images and gameplay video once we are ready. Thanks for your time and we’ll see you in the next update.

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